We believe in the complementarity of skills and combine analytical methods developed over more than twenty years of experience in strategic development, communication and management with a systemic approach, based on extensive skills in engineering and technology. The same cross-disciplinary nature can be extended, where necessary, to financial, legal and scientific skills. Our affinities with agile methods and design thinking underline our strong commitment to working on iterative models and upstream of applications, in the form of prototyping and testing. However, the team would not be complete without a fundamental and determining element in the development of a relevant strategy: you!

Brand strategy

Challenge your model

We transform your ideas into an impactful brand.

You want your business to become a strong and impactful brand. Our Integrated Brand Strategy (IBS) methodology fully meets this need. Our approach is both rational and creative at the same time, thereby putting business, creativity and technology into perspective. More than 150 companies have successfully benefited from our expertise in brand strategy and creation.

  • Brand strategy
  • Business model
  • Communication strategy
  • Vision and mission
  • Value proposition
  • Brand promise
  • Positioning
  • Identity and personality

Communication management

Fulfil your promise

We build and manage your communication tools.

Inox is positioned as a marketing and communication department to complement your organisation, offering a range of business skills essential for the perfect deployment of campaigns, whether online or offline.

  • Naming and brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand and collateral assets
  • Development and management of campaigns
  • Content production
  • Online presence
  • UX design. E-Commerce

Personalized marketing

Meet your audiences

We orchestrate the relationship with your audiences.

Constant progress as a philosophy. Communication campaigns can be measured and optimized. We meet your business objectives by providing you with data-driven solutions. We offer an accurate analysis of your performance indicators which always have as their main goal the constant improvement of communication tools.

  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Personalization of the customer experience
  • Social media
  • Creation, optimization and analysis of campaigns
  • Tests and optimisations