Inox’s history is intimately connected with the world of watchmaking. True luxury lies in the perpetuity of time-honoured savoir-faire. Perseverance, precision and passion are traditional Swiss virtues we enthusiastically embrace.

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Swiss watchmaking compels its own rhythm, its own perpetual motion, with seemingly unalterable time-honoured traditions.  Nevertheless, in the past 20 years, many challenges have impinged upon this well-oiled industry: e-commerce vs. traditional distribution, the digitalisation of processes, communication marketing – from brand identity to personalisation, and connectivity. Inox continues to challenge the global evolutionary problems faced by this local industry from an insider’s vantage point.

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Digitalisation is revolutionising the watch industry with greater frequency and global stakes, whether it involves brands of major watch groups, smaller independent brands, or subcontractors. Never a bystander, Inox has always been a key player in providing marcom solutions to the watchmaking industry, whether involving positioning strategy, carrying out international campaigns, or creating a product environment.

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