25 years actor of change

As well as 25 years’ experience in strategic development, communication and management, we also provide a systemic approach with our skills in engineering and technology.

This cross-cutting approach can be extended, if necessary, to include financial, legal or scientific skills. Our endorsement of Agile Methodology and Design Thinking demonstrates a confirmed preference for working with iterative models and upstream applications through prototyping and testing. And the team would not be complete without that fundamental and decisive element that will ensure we arrive at the perfect strategy - you!

Stratégies digitales et exécution

01Digital strategies
and execution

Align interactions
with your

  • Website and e-commerce
  • User experience and webdesign
  • Back-end and front-end development
  • Maintenance and optimisations
  • Digital communication strategy
  • Social media management
  • Digital ad campaigns
  • Emailing and newsletter
  • Analyses and reporting
Direction artistique et design

02Art direction
and design

Become a
strong, inspiring,
responsible brand

  • Identity and Naming
  • Customer journey
  • Communication Concept
  • Graphic design
  • Visual Statement
  • Storytelling
Marketing et communication

03Marketing and

your audience
and prospective clients

  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing plan
  • Performance marketing
  • Consulting
bettering academy
bettering academy

Want to make your company a strong brand? Our Integrated Brand Strategy (IBS) approach is all you need.

Discover our approach

bettering academy

bettering academy

It was the conviction that a systemic approach is the key to innovation and sustainable economic development that prompted Inox Communication to co-found Bettering, a business academy that supports you through a sustainable transition.

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