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In communication just as in cooking, a chef requires a kitchen brigade. Members have their own area of expertise and role to play. From designing dishes to delivery, immerse yourself within our 5-star service. We deliver right to your home!

Our services

[  We conceive  ]

Your strategy and brand positioning

Checking your views? Relying on prefabricated websites? Boosting your ads without any real direction? In an environment oversaturated with content, you risk turning your marketing efforts into white noise, rendering you inaudible. Take advantage of our strengths to create a targeted strategy. Establish your brand for the long term.

  • Brand positioning
  • Communication strategy
  • Innovative marketing
  • Integrated brand strategy
  • Consulting
  • Change management

[  We build  ]

Your identity, tools, and communication support

The right audience, the right tools! That’s the core of our business. For 20 years we have been creating tailor-made tools to transport your messages. Offering agility by design, built on our steady foundations. Our mission? To grow your brand DNA and stimulate your audience’s curiosity.

  • Website and e-commerce
  • Digital campaigns
  • Social networks
  • Newsletter and targeted messages
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine advertising
  • Brand image
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Content creation

[  We feed  ]

Your brand content

How is a communication agency connected to media? Through content creation and management. Articles, briefs, profiles, interviews, and product presentations: to make your mark, your brand must sustain its form, substance, and connection. This is more critical on the web and social media, where audiences expect greater originality, sound-biting, and more frequent messaging. Entrust your content with us and we will provide the depth and clout it deserves.

  • Photography
  • Film and vidoo
  • 3D creation
  • Animations design
  • Copywriting
  • Impact

[  We measure  ]

Your performance

Performance metrics is an indispensable part of any business activity. Data mining is the new Holy Grail, with performance analysis providing a critical gauge for ROI. At Inox, we’re excited to start this conversation with you today.

  • Data and analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Analytics workshop

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